Why Ultraviolet Technology is important to you and your clients

Purifiation Light

Advanced Technology

Advanced Technology These days high intensity, full spectrum UV light can be generated by using smaller, lower cost LED light engines. These are more powerful than the traditional gas fluorescent/discharge technologies of the past, offering reduced exposure times due to the higher power ranges now available.


Until recently UVC disinfection was only possible with large expensive equipment. The mobile unit we supply assists hospitals to boost patient outcomes but without the high prices and costs of operating and maintaining the equipment. This has meant that this technology has been out of reach for most organisations – until now!

Ultraviolet kills harmful bacterium and viruses

UVC light kills the COVID-19 virus quickly and efficiently. It’s so much easier and faster than trying to ensure that every surface and object is properly cleaned using a cloth and disinfectant.

It costs less

It’s also less expensive in the long run simply because you don’t need a constant supply of cleaning products. You can also inform your customers that “these premises have been cleaned and sanitised with UV technology” thus ensuring your customers have less anxiety towards your environment and it also gives you a clear advantage over your competitors. By now you may have heard that Aqualife products have extended our UV water sanitising range to include UV Air and Surface technology. After an exhaustive global search we have agreed to become the agent in the Australia, New Zealand and Pacific Islands region for the internationally recognised Cool-Tech company. Cool-Tech have been pioneers in the Ultraviolet LED market and have developed an affordable range of sanitising and disinfection equipment that is world class, which is why it made sense to join with them.