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Perfect drinking water for good health



Aqualife’s reverse osmosis system offers a range of built-in re-mineralisation filters to provide the highest quality water needed

Food Services

The Aqualife reverse osmosis system produces the highest quality water that is needed for commercial kitchen applications, including combi ovens, glass washers and ice machines.

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Reverse osmosis and deioniser filter systems produce the purity of water needed for medical, veterinarian and dental applications

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The quality of drinking water across the globe varies according to each region, infrastructure and the geological nature of the terrain.


WC1016D (C900) / WC1016E (C1200)

WP5007 Domestic HD50 – The Aqualife President RO P5 with High Alkalinity HD 50 filter

Healthy Mineral Water on Tap

The AQUALIFE President RO P5 avoids the inefficiency and high cost of purchasing bottled distilled or standard bottle water which lacks the essential nutritional quality of tap water. This Australian developed process produces up to 300 litres per day of pure water that has effectively minimized unwanted contaminants and any imbalances in dissolved minerals and salts.

The AQUALIFE President RO P5 is a multistage system relying on a number of technologies to deliver pure water to people with severe health challenges. The system provides for manual flushing of the membrane to ensure consistency in production of high water quality.

The AQUALIFE President RO system is supplied with a 20 litre storage tank that guarantees a constant supply in most situations of high quality nutritious drinking water at a flow rate of 4 litres per minute.

The two-stage water polishing system is provided to regenerate the essential nutrients of calcium, manganese and sodium and also to move residual organic elements that may generate unpleasant taste and odour. The five-stage treatment process produces high quality healthy drinking water at a flow rate of 4 litres per minute.

Please note that this system is only suitable for use on disinfected potable water supplies from your local water authority. For areas where tank or other water is required please consult AQUALIFE. To achieve the water quality indicated above the system must be operated in accordance with the operating and maintenance instructions. On site verification of the water quality is required.


Rated Delivery Rate

375 lpd (100 GPD) Unrestricted Flow

Water Supply Pressure

< 6 Bar

Water Supply Temperature

6 to 30oC (Do not allow supply to freeze)

Water Delivery Pressure

2.6 Bar (40 psi) adjustable

Water Storage Capacity

20L tank standard (40L and 80L optional)


RO System – 46cm W x 54cm H x 23cm D
20 litre Tank – 40cm H x 30cm Diameter


  • 5 Stage Filtration
  • Membrane Capacity: 200 GPD / 300 GPD
  • USA Manufactured Filter Housings and Membrane


Cartridge Set (4)

WC1015C or WC1015AC (Mineralisation or Alkaline)

Stage 1


Stage 2


Stage 4

WC1011M or WC1011AA (Mineralisation or Alkaline)

Stage 5




WP5008 AquaPod 350 - AquaPod RO 350 LPD

The new Direct Flow Aqualife Aquapod 350 RO System has been specifically designed for the coffee and low volume applications. Aquapod RO units are compact in size. Tank size can be 10L or 20L.

This is a low cost and low maintenance Reverse Osmosis system. The AquaPod RO consists of a single Sediment, Nano Silver & Carbon combination prefilter, membrane and a Magnesium based Hydrogen rich alkaline HD 50 Filter as a post filter. The system has no requirement for electrical connections.

The Aquapod series RO units are very user friendly and easy to use. The water filter and the osmosis membrane are located internally and are easy to replace. No Technician required. Remember to replace the filter every 6-12 months and the membrane every 2-3 years. The Aquapod RO units includes Australian plumbing compliant brass hardware.



WP5008 AQUAPOD 350


350 LPD AT 450 KPA Inlet Pressure


< 600 KPA


6 to 30° C


10L Tank (20L Tank optional)


RO SYSTEM – 24 cm dia x 38 cm H
10L Tank – 26 cm dia x 39 cm H


Pumpless Reverse Osmosis Water Purifiers
Easy Installation
User Friendly Filter and Membrane replacement
Long lifespan of Combo filters upto 12 months

Catridges 350 RO

WC1015K – Aquapod Combo Nano Silver Filter
WC1011AA – HD50 PH High Alk Adjustment

Remineraliser Membrane

WC1016K – Aquapod 350LPD RO Membrane