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RO System Parts

Representative of our brand to incorportate the drop no the same as this other industry pages.

RO System Parts


Aqualife’s reverse osmosis system offers a range of built-in re-mineralisation filters to provide the highest quality water needed

Food Services

The Aqualife reverse osmosis system produces the highest quality water that is needed for commercial kitchen applications, including combi ovens, glass washers and ice machines.

+ Dental

Reverse osmosis and deioniser filter systems produce the purity of water needed for medical, veterinarian and dental applications

Office +

The quality of drinking water across the globe varies according to each region, infrastructure and the geological nature of the terrain.


Reverse Osmosis Tanks

Aqualife RO tanks are constructed using the finest FDA approved materials available.  The storage tank is assembled using a virgin polypropylene liner, high grade chlorobutyl diaphragm and patented stainless steel water connection.  In addition every diaphragm is post cured to remove any harmful chemicals prior to assembly.

With regards to structural integrity, deep drawn steel domes and precision weld seams give Aqualife reverse osmosis tanks unparalleled reliability.  The tanks are quality tested at multiple stages in the production process.  In addition tanks are built with sealed brass air valves and o-ring sealed air valve caps to ensure leak free air chambers. 



Shipping Volume (CBM)



24.2 cm H  x  16 cm D   x 4 litres


1.58 kg


31.0 cm H x   20.3 cm D  x 8 Litres


2.2 kg


39 .0 cm H x  29 cm D x 21 Litres


4.7 kg


62.0 cm H x 38.9 cm D x 40 Litres


10.6 kg


79.0 cm H x 38.9 cm D x 80 Litres


14.4 kg


All pumps used in the Aqualife reverse osmosis systems use state of the art design to operate efficiently on low energy consumption. The pumps are engineered to operate continuously giving a durable performance result.


This pump is used on both 24V 900 and 36V 1200 series systems.


Electrical Connection

DC 24-36V 2.3A

Maximum Operating Pressure

150 psi

Maximum Output

4.0 LPM


This pump has been engineered to operate the very low production  (LF) AquaClave membrane.  The pump is capable to operate continuously and is effective for different applications.  The LF-33L is a diaphragm pump designed for both domestic and commercial environments.


Electrical connection

DC24V 1.2A

Maximum operating pressure

130 psi

Maximum output

1.8 LPM

Aqualife Faucet

Aqualife has a wide range of faucets available.  For any special needs please contact your Aqualife supplier or Aqualife Products free call number for any after sales technical support.


The product is manufactured from brass chrome plated material or if requested stainless steel.  All faucets incorporate a ceramic disc function so the control of water is spontaneous and accurate without drips.

The spout can swivel 360⁰ so usage is very user friendly.  The common design is European based and is aesthetically very popular 

TDS Meter

A TDS meter measure the level of total dissolved solids is solution.  The instrument is essential where water quality is central to the performance of equipment such as medical and dental practices. The instrument is simple to use by switching on the “ON-OFF” switch.  Immerse the electronic probes into the solution to be tested and then secure the reading that will measure the  level of salts in parts per million within the solution.



Factory Calibrated


+/- 2%

TDS range

0 – 999 ppm

Auto Shut off

10 minutes


143 x 26 x 14 mm


35 g

WC2002C Mark II Leak Detector with Tray

The product is a wonderful low cost insurance product that guards against unplanned leaks that often occur after working hours when water pressure reaches high limits.

The product is simple to install and has no electrical connection but works on simple engineering principals using cotton pads that expand when wet to cut off the water supply.



  • One large water proof tray that can be placed under 1-3 housings.
  • One leak detector mechanism.
  • ¼” water connections