Corporate Social Responsibility

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Aqualife believes in protecting our planet.
Representative of our brand to incorportate the drop no the same as this other industry pages.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Aqualife believes in protecting our planet.


Aqualife’s reverse osmosis system offers a range of built-in re-mineralisation filters to provide the highest quality water needed

Food Services

The Aqualife reverse osmosis system produces the highest quality water that is needed for commercial kitchen applications, including combi ovens, glass washers and ice machines.

+ Dental

Reverse osmosis and deioniser filter systems produce the purity of water needed for medical, veterinarian and dental applications

Office +

The quality of drinking water across the globe varies according to each region, infrastructure and the geological nature of the terrain.


Aqualife is conscious that the Earth’s resources are finite, and our planet is the only home we have.  Our corporate modus operandi is underlined by the principle of long-term sustainability and a duty of environmental care. Furthermore, our manufacturing waste is meticulously separated to align with best practice for disposal.

Aqualife’s aim is to continue to be a socially responsible company. As such, we support a wide range of worthy religious and sectarian humanitarian organisations including:   

  • Médecins Sans Frontières
  • Royal Flying Doctor Service
  • Australian Rotary Health Research Fund
  • Australian Christmas Bowl Appeal
  • Brotherhood of St Lawrence
  • Environmental Care

Furthermore, Aqualife seeks to contribute to the cultural capital of our nation.  We have contributed to:

  • The Melbourne Ballet Company
  • The Australian Chamber Orchestra
  • The Australian Brandenburg Orchestra
  • The Festival of Chamber Music
  • Musica Viva
  • The Australian Chamber Choir
  • The Australian Jazz Festival
corporate social responsibility


The WaterMark Certification Scheme is a mandatory requirement.

Australian certification scheme for plumbing and drainage products. Customers can be guaranteed of the quality assurance of any product which bears the WaterMark logo.

Because Aqualife is a manufacturer, this certification is required for the entire manufacturing process. It is an unambiguous sign that
the systems operate to a strict code and that the water is safely filtered.

The Scheme is managed and administered by the Australian Building Codes Board. The NCC Volume Three of the Scheme requires certain plumbing and drainage products to be certified (listed on the Product Database) and authorised for use in a plumbing or drainage installation. These materials and products are certified and authorised for use via the Scheme, in accordance with the Manual for the WaterMark Certification Scheme, which outlines the Scheme Rules.

The improved Scheme was launched on 1 July 2016 and commenced progressive implementation from 1 August 2017

Australian Manufacturing

Aqualife is a proudly Australian-owned company. Many key products are designed and assembled in our manufacturing facilities in Melbourne, Victoria. Our in-house research and development team works collaboratively with a leading academic institution as well as highly skilled, well-resourced multinational partners to deliver premium quality water filtration systems for the Australian and global market.

Aqualife’s technical team continues to pursue high tech excellence in water treatment by keeping pace with modern technology. We are constantly pursuing and creating exciting product innovations because we want all Australians to be proud of a home-grown manufacturer that favourably competes with offshore competitors.

Australian manufacturing