About Us

About Us

Aqualife has 20 years of excellence in the water treatment industry.


Aqualife’s reverse osmosis system offers a range of built-in re-mineralisation filters to provide the highest quality water needed

Food Services

The Aqualife reverse osmosis system produces the highest quality water that is needed for commercial kitchen applications, including combi ovens, glass washers and ice machines.

+ Dental

Reverse osmosis and deioniser filter systems produce the purity of water needed for medical, veterinarian and dental applications

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The quality of drinking water across the globe varies according to each region, infrastructure and the geological nature of the terrain.


Statement from the founder.

Aqualife has been in the water treatment business for over 20 years but over the past 10 has been carefully moulded into one of Australia’s most specialised manufacturers of compact reverse osmosis water treatment systems. Over 30% of product is directed into the medical and veterinary industries supplying water for steam sterilisation equipment across Australia and a number of countries in the South Pacific.In relation to the medical industry Aqualife guarantees the production of water for use in steam sterilisation equipment in accordance with the Australian Standard. The Aqualife mantra in the food and coffee industries is to provide water treatment systems that provide the best solutions to achieving improved taste, and low capital long term maintenance costs.

Statement from the founder.
Statement from the founder.

When it comes to drinking water in the commercial market, Aqualife is mindful of your corporate occupational health and safety responsibilities whether the needs are for simply healthy drinking water or chilled and boiling water needs. Aqualife remains confident it offer the best options that guarantee your lowest operating cost structure.

Domestic water treatment for your home and family environment is well catered for by this Australian company with a strong national focus. Whether your family is seeking the best in health care, affected by allergies or other medical disabilities, or compelled to treat water from non municipal supplies, Aqualife offers the best in technical advice.

Water, like all resources is a finite resource. It is also nature’s best medicine.

Richard Hoy,
Managing Director