Aqualife Products Announces distributor agreement with AQUA -COOLER

The M Series

Aqua Cooler is a proudly Australian owned reseller of drinking water products and industrial water chillers. With Aqua Cooler products, you are safely relying on over 50 years of manufacturing and experience in the water industry. When you see the Aqua Cooler logo, you can have complete peace of mind that you’re receiving a high quality, fit for purpose product.

Advanced Technology

Aqua cooler has developed a touch free water fountain for bottle re-filling, ideal for outdoor and recreation areas such as sports fields, outdoor playgrounds and gymnasiums. Barrier-free Versa cooler with Bottle Filler outlet The Versa Filler Series of drinking water fountains comes in a wide range of configurations including single and dual level designs and with or without a sports-bottle filler. It features a 100 micron strainer to stop particles entering the lead-free waterway. With an optional upgrade to a vandal resistant design.

The Maximus

Maximus dispenses up to 6.5 L of cooled water per hour. Maximus is a free-standing unit available in a cool and cold configuration.

The M Series

This robust water dispenser fits marvellously to a multitude of places including offices, worksites, sports clubs, and gyms to name a few.